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For the purpose of this document: words “sadhiqali.com.com”, “Sadhiq Ali”, “Ali Sadhik Shaik”, “site”, “our”, “we”, “us” indicate – Ali Sadhik Shaik. (http://sadhiqali.com) words “you”, “your”, “user” relate to all other parties to this agreement except sadhiqali.com.

General provisions
sadhiqali.com gives you the right to use this site and its services (applications) on the conditions, which can be changed by sadhiqali.com at any time without prior notice. You must periodically review the agreement on the site in order to know actual rules and conditions. Your use of the site and its services means you agree with the current terms and conditions. If any part of these terms and conditions are found illegal or ineffective, it should be regarded as not valid and will not influence the legality of the remaining part of the agreement.

sadhiqali.com does not give a warranty of any kind, implied or statutory or otherwise as to the operation of this website, its services or the information, including but not limited to the implied or statutory warranties or conditions of merchantable quality.
This site and all information, images, artworks, texts, audio and video, design of the site are provided “AS IS”. sadhiqali.com is not responsible for removed, stolen, lost, incomplete pictures, images, information, communications, letters sent by e-mail. sadhiqali.com is not responsible for the inaccessibility of connections; damaged, incomplete, or late transmitting; failures of network, malfunction of hardware or software; for possible errors of designers, programmers or interpreters. sadhiqali.com allows but does not encourage spreading of any personal information in the network. sadhiqali.com is not responsible for any possible losses, including but not limited to the direct, indirect, intended or incidental losses caused by the use of this site, its information and applications, including those arising from the exchange of personal information with other users.

Exclusion of Liability
sadhiqali.com will not be liable for the loss of any personal information submitted by users for distribution on the site. Users place this information at their own responsibility.
sadhiqali.com will not be liable to a participant of this agreement for the losses of any kind, including but not limited to the direct, indirect, intended or incidental losses, lost profit, business idle time or others, that arose directly or indirectly as a result of using of the site or its applications even if such losses were foreseeable or we advised about the possibility of such losses, regardless of basis which such charges are made on.
Agreeing to participate in any offline event (organized on the initiative of the users of site), you agree that the site will not be liable for any losses, violation of rights and other events, including without the limitations solid damages, death, damage to property and so forth, that has been the result of your participation in this autonomous project of the site.

Conditions of registration
In order to be registered as a user of sadhiqali.com or to use the site you must be older than 18 years. If you are older than 14, but less than 18, it is required the permission of your parents or legal guardian, who accepts the conditions for this agreement. If there is no such permission – membership is ineffective and prohibited. Agreeing to this agreement for use of this site you present truthful legal information, you guarantee that you have the right, are authorized and capable to enter this agreement and to observe all terms and conditions, which are contained in it.

Status of parties
sadhiqali.com acts as the spreader of materials, information, images on the site only and has no responsibility for these materials. You as the registered user act as the author and publisher of any material, which you have prepared, and published/commented on the site.

Proprietary rights
sadhiqali.com possesses and preserves the rights of property for the site and its services. The site contains materials protected by copyrights and trademarks. The site also uses other components that are private property of sadhiqali.com. Exception presents the information that is located in the public domain or for which you gave clear written permission. You cannot copy, change, publish, transfer, distribute, perform, show or sell any material that is property of sadhiqali.com.

Materials, created for the distribution on the site
You bear sole responsibility for the materials that you either publish or write on the site as well as those you transfer to other users of the site. You understand and agree that sadhiqali.com has the right to exclude any accounts, materials, communications, profiles (meaning materials) that in the sole judgment of sadhiqali.com violate the terms and conditions or that might violate the rights, harm, offend personal feelings or threaten the safety of sadhiqali.com and its members.
Publishing materials for the distribution in any public domain, you represent and warrant that you have the right to give the site international, non-exclusive, transferred, constant and royalty-free right to copy, distribute, create derivative materials, publicly perform and demonstrate such materials.
Publishing materials for distribution in any public area of site, you automatically represent and guarantee that you have the right to grant the site the right to use all published materials for advertising purposes in any media without any information or compensation in any form.

Find below the examples of materials and information that are illegal or prohibited for inclusion on the site:

  • containing instructions for the illegal actions
  • containing instructions for the illegal production or acquisition of weapons
  • invasion in privacy
  • obviously insulting for users or popularizing racism, intolerance, hatred or any physical damage against to any group or personality
  • misleading and provoking illegal actions or even provoking insulting behavior, threats, obscenity or discredit
  • facilitating illegal or incompetent copying of copyright protected work of another person or company
  • pursuing or protecting the persecution of another person and involves in transmission of ‘junk mail’, the “letters of happiness” or not requested post distribution, distribution of deliberately wrong information
  • supplying pirate computer programs or making links to them
  • providing information to circumvent manufacturer installed copy-protection or distribute pirate musical copies or making links to pirate music file
  • providing the forbidden or protected by password web pages
  • containing the hidden web pages and the images that are not linked to or are not located on the open page
  • involving into commercial activity and / or sale without the preliminarily obtained clear written permission from sadhiqali.com, namely competitions, totalizators, barter exchange, advertising campaigns, financial pyramids
  • containing pornography or frankly sexual materials of any kind containing materials directed toward the sexual exploitation or violence
  • provoking to gathering of personal information about any persons or organizations
  • use of any information obtained on this site for the pursuit, insult or causing harm to another person
  • use of the obtained on this site information in order to connect with the user, sending advertising materials to users or to a impose user without anything in users preliminary clear agreement
  • distribute or facilitate creation of computer viruses
  • distribution of information about the programs, which “break open” passwords or protected personal information
  • extending information about other users for the commercial or illegal purposes

The site at our discretion investigates and undertakes the appropriate measures against any user who violates this agreement, including without the limitation the removal of materials from the site, the termination of membership of such users and other legal measures against them.
sadhiqali.com does not give any assertions and warranties that the materials, published on the site will be checked to the correspondence to these conditions. However, we support those users, which report the administration of site about any breaches of this agreement.
sadhiqali.com will undertake efficient measures in order to guarantee that the materials distributed through the site and its applications, corresponded to these conditions.
sadhiqali.com has the right to provide authorities of any countries in case of criminal disturbances with any information placed or extended through the site. This includes any information distributed in areas outlined as private under our privacy policy such as (but not limited) to private messages.
You are aware and guarantee that all information that you indicated by you, is your property and that all materials published by you on this site are your or you have rights on them, or you have a permission to publish and to distribute them.

This agreement is composed and published in Bangalore, India. Any disputes arising out of this agreement are to be regulated and examined in accordance with the laws and regulations of Indian Government. Parties to the agreement agree that any disputes that are the result of this agreement will be filed solely in the courts located in the province of Bangalore, India, that have exceptional jurisdiction in that case. Furthermore, parties unconditionally recognize the jurisdiction of these courts and their judgments as final.
You agree that the examination of any action at law, or an equity arising of/or relating to these disclaimers, terms and conditions will be filed solely in the courts located in the Bangalore, India, and you consent and submit to the jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of these cases notwithstanding your place of residence.
Parties agree that the United Nations agreement on the contracts for international trade is not applicable to this agreement and is completely excluded.

You will compensate sadhiqali.com for any expenses, losses and reasonable legal expenses that might arise as a result of your use of site and its services, your violation of any terms and conditions of the agreement or your violation of rights of intellectual property of any third party.
You solely have responsibility for communication with other users of site. We have the right but have no obligation to monitor disputes and disputes between you and other users.
For any disputes or if you feel your privacy is disturbed by this service, by any user or medium, please contact us with relevant details of violations.

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